October 2014 Newsletter

Hello my Lovely Readers:

SOMEWHERE IN THIS NEWSLETTER IS A FANSERVICE SCENE FEATURING LUSK. He was requested by Kimberly, Tara and Lillian. I never knew he was so popular!


What you probably want to really know:

Here is another update for you guys. So I can’t make the release dates earlier than the 31st, I thought I could, but it doesn’t seem like I can. I emailed Amazon, so maybe it will happen? If not, then Spearwood Academy 13-15 and Spearwood Boys WILL come out 31st as scheduled. Spearwood Academy Volume Three will come out November 11th.

Do you guys like the Preorder Option? Should I keep it? It helps with keeping on a deadline better. Amazon takes away my preorder rights for a year if I don’t deliver the final draft by a certain date, keeps me more driven to finish. I think I can changed the dates to earlier, if it’s not the same month as the release date, so if I get them done 30 days ahead of schedule, they can come out sooner. Let me know if you like this.

Spearwood Boys Contest Winner:


I posted about this on my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/a.s.orenauthor  but I’m not sure how many of you follow me there.


Correct Answer Key (Only Tara got it 100% correct)

1. Twin by Gem Club: Amr Radcliffe

2. Drowning by Banks: Triton Lennox

3. Guess I’m Fallen 4 U by Buble: Horace King

4. Fire by Augustana: Dante Mathis

5. I Hate you, but I love you by Russian Red: Derren Bullock

6. My Obsession by Cinema Bizarre: Paden Hansen

7. Wild Horses by Charlotte Martin: Maverick Hansen

8. I Hate Myself For Loving you by Joan Jett and the BlackHearts: Lusk Mirren

Check out the Spearwood Boys Trailer!

Tara, please email me a.s.orenauthor@gmail.com   the email address you would like me to gift the first Spearwood Boy Volume to. You will get them free until the end of the series.

Do you want Spearwood Academy and Boys Audio Plays?

I’m not talking about an audiobook, not really, I’m talking about voice actors, sound effects and music bringing the books to life.

At the top of this Section  (if you are in WordPress) is a poll please take it after reading all of this section.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now. I really want to do this. Along with quite a few other things, but those are waaay down the line.  I can edit the project together with the sounds and music. I have the programs and I used to do something similar when I was in High school and once when I was 20. I would turn Fanfiction into audio plays. Here’s the last surviving one on the internet. I have no idea what happened to the others. I’ve looked everywhere. Not my best editing job on this one. The Spearwood Plays would be done by my perfectionist side though.

I would like to find newer voice talents (that have good equipment, of course), that have yet to really have their first professional gig, where they get paid and aren’t volunteering. If it wasn’t for the first few people that gave me a chance when I started freelancing, I would have never been able to build my portfolio, or decide to branch out on my own. Spearwood would have never happened.

However, to do this, I will need to pay the voice actors. Turning Volume One of Spearwood Academy will be a lot of work for all the actors, but especially for the Actor that plays Avalon. I’m not sure what the budget would be, considering all the voice actors I worked with before were volunteers and a lot of them don’t do it anymore, even as a hobby. I figure, at the VERY least it would be 1k. There would be 12 actors for Volume One. I possibly have 2: Triton and Horace (you can hear them in the Spearwood Boys Trailer). I’m pretty sure Horace is on board, he’s the one that mentioned doing an audio play, and I don’t know him personally.

I don’t have the funds to foot something like this, and I really want to be able to pay the actors. It will be a few years if I save up to pay everyone. That’s why I’m considering starting a Kickstarter, Indiegogo or something else for it, but I want to know if it’s something you guys would be interested in and consider helping me promote to raise funds.

I’m not one to ask for help, I like doing everything I can to not ask for help, but I would need it with something like this. There would be rewards, of course. That’s how Kickstarter works at least.  I was thinking printed, signed copies of Volume One of Spearwood Academy, Posters, audioplay cds, Live QA with me, donating to a charity a % of the proceeds,  I’m open to suggestions.

Leave a comment, email me or take the poll to let me know what you want.

Possible New Series Coming out (Oct 19th US and 20th UK)


Well, not new. I published it two years ago under my real name. I took it down when I published Spearwood Academy. I’ve decided to republish it again, and give it another shot. Whether or not it’s a good idea to let take up space in my brain, or to drop it. I love the character, because I made them androgynous on purpose. It deals with zombies, aliens and Steam Punk later on. Not all of the series is written, just the first novelette and part of the second one. It’s a sequel to a series I plan to publish in 2016.  It will be at the lowest price I can make it $0.99. I’ll give it a few months, to see if people like it and if they do, then I will start writing the series to release in mid-2015, around the time Spearwood should be winding down (I honestly don’t know if it will stop at Volume 7). I know, odd to be writing the sequel to a series you don’t know about yet.




The series is called: The Sixth Extinction and Book one is called Up a Tree. I will post on Facebook and send an email link when it’s out. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, just be forewarned.



Fan Service Scene #2 Lusk & Avalon


I gasp for air, I’ve never run so hard in my life. “We need the female shifter! Get her!” Shit, they are still behind me. Did they see me turn the corner? I begin to rush off again, not sure if my lungs will hold out for another run through Spearwood. There’s nowhere safe anymore. A firm hand goes around my wrist: I’m caught, and pulls on me. The slick coolness of being pulled through a wall chills me to the bone.

I’m pushed against a wall, and a rough hand goes over my mouth. “Shhh . . .  or they will hear us in here.” The darkness of being in the hidden alcove blinds my eyes from seeing him, but I would know Lusk’s voice anywhere by now.  I still my breathing, as the thundering of the Slayers’ footsteps go rushing by the hideout.

A flame flickers to life in his hands. Illuminating the alcove that is no more than a dead-end hallway. The rough hand covering my mouth moves to my cheek. “Are you all right? Did they heart you?”

My breathing has returned to normal, but my heart still hammers away in my chest. He’s so close, the heat radiating from his body warms my chilled flesh. I nod and lick my lips. “Yeah . . .  yeah, I’m okay. You saved me. I wouldn’t have been able to run for much longer.”

“I’m glad.” He moves to take his hand away from my cheek; I place my own hand over his.

His grey eyes look down into mine and he frowns. “What are you doing?”

Heat floods my cheeks, and I let my hand fall. “I don’t know. I liked the way your hand warmed my skin.”

He moves his hand back and rubs the pad of his thumb back and forth.  I look at the scars covering the lower left side of his face, marring the corner of his full lips. I lift my hand to touch them, the tips of my finger touching each of the smooth, thick scars. Hot tears flood my eyes. I did this to him. If only I had known the truth then, I would have never let my temper get the better of me in that moment.

He wipes one of the tears away. “Why are you crying?”

“I did this to you. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. If only I had known how messed up things were then.” The regret courses through me, warming up my arm and tips of my fingers. I watch with wide eyes, as three of the four scars disappear, leaving only the smallest one near the edge of his jaw.

My eyes linger on his full lips before traveling upward to meet his eyes. He leans down, like he did so many months ago, when I first came to Spearwood and he kissed me on the cheek. This time, however, his lips don’t go to my cheek. Tentatively, his warm lips meet mine.  A spark bursts within me. I kiss him back my hands moving to his chest and then shoulders. This want has been building for too long.

The hand holding the flame presses into the wall, submerging us in darkness once more.


Thank you:


Thank you to everyone who has been responding to the last newsletter I sent out about my personal life. I really appreciate all your support and well wishes. As of now, the situation is still the same, and I figure it will be for the next few years. Every day is different, but we’re trying some new things that seem promising. I’m learning to get disciplined with myself again and set aside hours for writing, and worry less about what’s going on, not all of it’s in my control, and reminding myself it will all be all right.

A.S. Oren


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