December 2014 Newsletter


December Newsletter


Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope all is well for you.  This month’s newsletter is going to be short on the information side. Not much to report. There are some extras: an excerpt from volume four, and pictures of how I see the characters. However, if you want to skip that bit, I will title that section with a heading. It will be at the very end, so you can just close the email at that point.  I know some people like to picture the characters for themselves and not have a reference to go off of and others are the opposite.


First off, I have some good news! I wish I could have made it sooner, but it’s as close to today as Amazon will let me have. Volume Four will be out on the 23rdinstead of the 26th. I simply couldn’t wait that long anymore. I’m a bouncing ball of excitment. Though, I will admit, I’m a bit scared too, and I can’t tell you why. Check your kindles around 2am (usually when they go live for me) your time on the 23rd, and you should find it waiting for you. Just know that this is a very important volume to the coming plotlines.


Spearwood Boys is still set to come out the 31st. I will let you all know if this changes.


I’ve been getting questions about when printed versions of Spearwood Academy are coming out. I hope to have a Spearwood Academy Volume One and Spearwood Boys Volume One combo out by January sometime. I’m still working with the edits and formatting.

Spearwood Academy Volume Five will be going on Preorder for February 2015 as soon as I have a cover for it. Still coming up with concept art. I like to make my covers symbolic of what happens in the volume. Also, yes, I make all my covers.


Also, I have an adult series out. I was going to make it under my A.S. Oren name, but now I think I will keep my erotica writing separate from my general work. So if you see books under the name T.L. Rose, that’s me. I do have the first book in a series for adults up for Preorder. It’s still under the name A.S. Oren, but I will change that soon. The series is in the erotica horror genre, dealing with phobias. Amazon Link: Http://




Excerpt from Volume Four



His obsidian eyes stare into mine. A shiver of fright shakes my spine. I try with all of my might to recall a memory of him from my past, but nothing rises to the surface, not even a memory just out of reach. Is this guy really my brother? Why would Elex and Igraine imprison him? How long has he been in this room?

He rights his neck and takes several steps toward me. The fire in Elex’s hand’ rises higher into the air. Paden and Maverick step in front of me. Dante, Bullock, Horace, Mirren and Amr form the rest of a protective barrier. They sense it too, the darkness radiating off him in waves like a dense, black smoke.  “You don’t remember me, do you, little sister?”

“How did you get out? My magic was perfect,” Igraine says, with a shaky voice’ from either fear or anger.

“You didn’t account for the fact I was still conscious the entire time: eleven years. It gave me a long time to reflect, grow, and evolve.” Through the small gap in-between Maverick and Paden’s almost touching arms, I watch him place his hand on Triton’s shoulder. Triton turns his head to look at the hand. His lip curls, but he does nothing to remove it. Why is he helping this guy?

“Now, now.” The guy takes the hand touching Triton’s shoulder and pats him on the cheek. “Don’t make such a dirty face.” Instantly, Triton’s face goes returns to normal. I frown. Something’s not right. Is Triton being controlled with same sludge-like stuff that Roseman controlled me with? How would this guy be able to control him though? Have they met before?

The guy moves a strand of pure white hair out of his face. “Where was I? My powers are stronger now, more advanced than you could’ve foreseen. I was able to stay in contact with my servants, and they got me out.”

“You make yourself sound like some kind of wannabe Voldemort.” I push my way past Maverick and Paden. Maverick grabs my hand. I glance back at him and give him a soft smile, letting him know I’m okay. I leave my hand in his. The warmth brings me comfort.

The guy frowns. “I have no idea what a Voldemort is.”

“Avalon, get back in the barrier!” Elex says, stepping in front of me.

Pictures of Characters

I have been doing a lot of author events on facebook and one of the things I do to entertain and interact with the event goers is show them pictures of how I see the characters in my head. With Triton and Maverick, picture them with longer hair, the actors have never had long hair.



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