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A.S. Oren Newsletter July 2014




Hey everyone A.S. Oren here. My thanks goes to Heather for post on my behalf while I was away.Episode 11&12 are out now. Here is the universal link, it should work for anyone, anywhere.


As you will see at the end, Episodes 13&14 have a projected release date week of the 25th-30th. The reason for this is because certain matters of my life are coming to a head in the next month. They will require me to change my routine and lifestyle. I’m really not sure what my future will look like now.

I do know one thing that is certain, I will continue writing for you guys. That’s something that will never change. I have several series coming out before the end of the year:

Spearwood Boys (release 8/28)
The Splicing Project (Co writer with Heather Dowell) Release date 8/28
The Inner Secret of the Queen Bee
The Daughter of Triton (the story of Vex)

I’m working with Heather to figure out a new writing schedule, so I can get things out on time again.

If you could take the poll at the top I would love it.

I hope to see more people entering the Spearwood Boys contest as well. Free novels for the entire time they will come out. That’s a year to two years and 7-8 volumes.

For those of you who do not like buying the episodes Volume three of Spearwood Academy will be out September of 2014.

Volume two of Spearwood Academy is a tad behind with editing, it should be up by the weekend. I will post a link when I have it. Not sure how many of you wait for the volumes, so if you could let me know if you are one of those people by commenting, that would be amazing.

If I know there will be delays in the future, and they don’t hit me head on again, I will let you all know beforehand.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not used to having people wait for my own writing, and not something I ghost wrote for my freelancing.

When I first started writing SA in November 2013 no one knew about it, and in the last three or so months it has not exactly taken off, but the engine was started that is for sure. I will work harder now that I know people really want SA to continue. Lots of things are going to happen to Avalon and the boys, and those are the ones I know about. A lot of my plot twists aren’t planned. Volume Three will be nothing like what my original tentative plan had. So much more darker than before. This entire series has taken on a darker side. Sorry for the long ramble.

Thank you all for your support and patience!

A.S. Oren


First Newsletter

Hi guys,

So this is my first Newsletter! I have several things to share with you all. Some of it is exciting and some of it is neutral. First to note, for those of you who do not know, episode eight is now out











Yay and I managed to get it out on time this month. Sorry about April. Never again will I plan to do a release on a family get together holiday. So much chaos!  Now , onto more Spearwood Academy news. As most of you know, this is and was planned to be a monthly series. However, I  get complaints almost daily from people who hate this, and for the episodes being so short. I’ve tried to make them longer, but I stop when I feel the episode is done and I’ve revealed all I wanted to say/do.  When I try to get more descriptive to add words, I get complaints that it’s over done.

So, I have  a possible solution and I’m leaving it up to you guys to vote on.  Every five episodes, I come out with a volume, this was mainly started so I could sell physical copies. I haven’t started doing that yet. I’m waiting on the printed cover, which may or may not happen. The creator of the volume cover is my brother and he’s in the middle of planning a wedding, work, college and raising his kids. I don’t really want to bother him for it right now, especially since he’s doing it for free and I’m not out a lot of money. Back to the point, I can either continue to release an episode a month and you won’t have to wait. Or I can release just a volume every five months. So you can choose to wait a month or five months. The volumes tend to be around 40-60k in words.  Take the poll up top and let me know what you want. Whatever the choice is, it will start with the end of Volume two. Episode 9 and 10 will still come out monthly regardless of the vote.

Second order of business the three series I plan to come out with before the end of 2014.

The three series are:

Spearwood Boys









This series is told through the eyes of Avvi boys. Each episode will be from the point of view of one of them, depending on the theme of the Spearwood Academy episode. Originally, I planned to debut this series with its episode nine, to correlate with Spearwood  Academy Episode Nine. However, I have rethought this move.  See the end of the newsletter for the dates of when the volumes will come out, with this series, the date may be subject to change, depending on how fast I can write them.

Daughter of Triton









I’m still not sure if this series will happen or not. I want it to, but I’ve been trying to start it for months now and I can’t seem to get the MC to feel real to  me, and if she doesn’t feel real to me, she won’t feel real to you. It’s a spin off series. Completely seperate from Spearwood and no, she’s not the Daughter of Triton Lennox. It’s about a mermaid, in New York. The characters in this series will show up in Episode 13 of Spearwood Academy: The Sea Witch

The Inner Secrets of a Queen Bee









This series is unlike my others, it does not deal with fantasy at all. It’s a NA Romance Drama. About a girl who acts like a Queen Bee. It deals heavily with subjects of eating disorders, self mutilation and molestation. It is not to be read by my younger readers. This is meant for people 18+. This series was originally set to come out last month, but the file got corrupted  just around the time I finished Episode One and my back up was last saved when I only had 4k. So, it shall be out sometime soon, I’m just not promising when, yet.


I think that’s all the news I wanted to share. Please see the dates below for when Spearwood Academy and Boy volumes are set to come out.  The dates are not set in stone and I’ve only  briefly planned up to volume seven, but I hope to have eight volumes for both. I don’t follow an outline, just a general idea. The story can change on a dime, there have been several plot twists I didn’t plan for.

SB Volume One 8/28

SA Volume Two 7/28

SB Volume Two 10/30

Volume Three 12/28

SB Volume Three 1/05/15

Volume Four 5/28/2015 (End of Season One 20 episodes)

SB Four 5/30/2015

Volume Five 10/30/2015

SB Volume Five 11/5/2015

Volume Six 3/28/2016

SB Volume Six 3/30/2016

Volume Seven 8/29/2016

SB Volume Seven 9/2/2016

2016 seems like a long way off. Especially with the coming months. I hope I can stay on schedule. My life is going to change a lot in August. I will be having someone move in with me to my tiny one bedroom apartment and they will be dependent on me for basically everything, no it’s not a child. I don’t have kids yet. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with it, honestly. I’m going to have to take on a lot of my freelance work in order to make all ends meet. Though, thanks to you guys my sales have been good and I’m doing better than I have in a long time. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate it and how much it means to me. It’s helping me survive.

I hope to be able to find a small house to rent or own by March, so that I don’t have to split 600ft between me and the other person, wish me luck.

Hope you are well.

A.S. Oren…

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