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Spearwood Boy Contest!

Enter and have a chance to win all Volumes of Spearwood Boys for Free!


NEW END DATE 8/28/14!

In the comments Below copy and paste the list below  and next to the song title write which boy you think goes with which song. If you are right, I will put your name in the raffle.

The boys names are: Triton Lennox, Horace King, Dante Mathis,  Amr Radcliffe, Lusk Mirren, Derren Bullock, Paden Hansen, Maverick Hansen

1. Twin by Gem Club

2. Drowning by Banks

3.  Guess I’m Fallen 4 U by Buble

4. Fire by Augustana

5.  I Hate you, but I love you by Russian Red

6.  My Obsession by Cinema Bizarre

7.  Wild Horses by Charlotte Martin

8. I Hate Myself For Loving you by Joan Jett and the BlackHearts


How well do you think you know the Spearwood Boys? Post your  answers here:



Feel Free to invite Friends who you know have also read Spearwood Academy.


A.S. Oren